How it works

It's very important to understand how Bid4Prizes works, because the better you understand it the more likely you are to win our prizes!

How it works

Earning Coins

Bid4Prizes is an auction based competition, giving a chance to a lucky winner, for winning a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. To be able to play and place bids, you need to earn coins, which by the way, are FREE. It costs 1 coin to place one bid - but that's all it takes to win!

Complete surveys or trial offers
We partner with several companies that run surveys, competitions, freebies and more. By completing these offers, you can receive free coins. Every offer gives you a different amount of coins, so find the ones that appeal to you most and start earning coins.
Share and spread the word
Once you're signed up to Bid4Prizes you'll receive a special link that you can give out to friends, post on social networks or email. If anybody clicks this, signs up and completes a survey or offers, you'll get 1 free coin... every time! We make it really easy for you to share, so start inviting your friends to get coins and win our prizes.

What's the lowest unique bid auction?

The aim is to place the lowest unique bid on the auction, that means the one who placed the lowest unique bid, after all bids have been placed, wins the contest. In the example below we have some bids (let's assume there is no bid below $1.27 or above $1.31), which shows the various status of each bid amount.

How it works
  1. Bid $1.27, it's the lowest, but several people have placed that bid, so isn't the winning bid
  2. Bid $1.28, is not the lowest or unique, so is not the winning bid
  3. Bid $1.29, only one person bided this amount, making it the lowest unique bid - this person would win the auction
  4. Bid $1.30, is not the lowest or unique, so is not the winning bid
  5. Bid $1.31, only one person has bided this amount, so although it's unique, it isn't the lowest and is not the winning bid


Once you have some coins in your account, you can start placing bids. It costs
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coin per bid placed.

You can place a single bid, for example $1.23, and it will cost 1 coin.

Single bid

You can place several bids in one go, by entering a range such as $1.23 to $1.26. You simply enter a "from" and "to" amount, and in this example it would place all bids between $1.23 and $1.26 (including $1.23 and $1.26), using a total of 4 coins.

Multi bid

After you place your bids, you will see them in your account, knowing wich bids you have already placed.


It ends after the required amount of bids have been placed, which means that the closer the counter gets to 0, the more tactical you'll have to be.